Custom Processing

Have your own animals that you’d like to be processed? Please call us at 523-6432 or email at with the required information listed below and we will book your appointment!

• Name and phone number required
• Meat Kings: $5 per bird (done up as a whole)
• Roosters or laying hens: $6 per bird (done up as a whole)
• $2 extra per bird if you want them cut up
• Offals can be saved (liver, hearts and/or gizzards) for 25 cents per piece
• Customers need to be here by 7:30am on Tuesday (if booked and confirmed)
• 60 custom birds per week maximum (we have our own to do as well)
• Pickup time will be decided upon

• Slaughter – $25
• Basic cuts trayed/wrapped – 60 cents/lb
• Smoked hams – $1.20/lb
• Smoked and sliced baon – $1.50/lb
• Sausage – $1.75/lb
• Pickup time will be decided upon

PIG ROASTS: (weddings/special events etc)
• We can serve as little as 100 people, and up to 250 people
• Prices vary depending on specific needs but start at $1000
• A $500 deposit is required
• Name, phone number and location required