About The Farm

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring meat raised in a sustainable, and ethically and environmentally sound, way to the people of southeastern New Brunswick. We raise our animals with plenty of sunshine, grass and without hormones, unnecessary antibiotics and drugs and animal by-products. We serve products that we are proud to serve at our own tables night after night. Our slogan here on the farm is farming WITH nature. All domestic animals deserve a natural environment in which to live: fresh air, green grass, good food and a clean place to sleep. When you buy from Springbrook, it’s an extension of our own kitchen table. When you visit our booth, you’re being invited for supper. We take this relationship very seriously and promise to only feed your family the very best.

The Gagnon Family Story

The Gagnon family acquired Springbrook Farm from a three generational agricultural family in 1979. We’ve been proud to farm this land without any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or land abuse to this day. In 2002, we decided as a family to only sell what we grow. To do that, we had to build a licenced abattoir facility on the farm to have quality assurance that our good product was transformed with the utmost care to ensure the high standards we set for our family.

Currently, there are three generations of Gagnons living on the farm. Everyone has a part to play, including the four Gagnon children, who can be found helping with eggs at the barn and even feeding the animals in the yard. Each person has something to contribute to all aspects the farm. So when you buy from us, you’ve got all the Gagnons behind you.

Why choose Springbrook?

We are your farming subcontractor. If you had the ability, knowledge, infrastructure and land base to grow your own food a certain way, you would. We have all of those things and have the ability to grow your food, your way.

From our Family Farm to your table.

Raised and cared for with plenty of fresh air, green grass, sunshine, good food and a clean place to sleep.
No GMOs.
No Chemicals.
Ethical Farming.

The Gagnon Family

Please place your order by 9am Thursday. Orders placed after will be delivered the next week.