Below some common questions and answers.

Here are some questions commonly asked by our customers.

How are your animals raised? 

With just grains for grain animals and just grass for the herbivores (beef and lamb) and no chemicals in the product. We pasture our animals as the seasons permit. When animals are in the barn during inclement weather, we keep them on dry bedding and sunshine flows through our windows ensuring our animals get maximum sunlight and fresh air.

What else do you grow on the farm? 

We grow some grain crops for some of our animals, but our land base does not allow us to have a 100 percent of the ingredients required to naturally feed all animals produced. We believe in small circles, meaning we buy from our local community of farmers, then our Maritime farmers, and if obligated, to Quebec and Ontario, for feed for our grain animals (chickens and pigs). But for the animals that are nourished on hay and grass, we have the capacity to 100 percent feed them from our farm.

Are your products gluten free, dairy free, ect? 

Our beef, pork and lamb is gluten free. Our chickens do get some wheat in their feed, so they are not. All of our products are dairy and nut free.

Can I visit? 

Not only is the farm a place of work, but it is also the private home to three generations of the Gagnon family. We look forward to hosting a customer appreciation day to invite you to see what we do and how we do it. Details to come.

Is there a minimum purchase amount? 

For online orders, there is a minimum purchase of $40.


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